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Sublimation t-shirt printer

Sublimation t-shirt printer business have a huge potential in kerala market. Search your dreams jobs her Machinery for industrial purpose MRP 12500 + GST T-shirts and caps are a machine that we use to print things like photos.  It is possible to print a jaysy using for sports this.  A computer with the necessary materials to print.  Ibsen color printer.  …

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wax candle mold

wax candle mold Search machinery for industrial purpose Jobs in kerala Total investment for wax candle mold A small investment is need to start a wax candle making unit.  You will need to buy at least one six mold for start up.  Because it can be useful to avoid the strain when it comes to marketing as a single size …

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Liquid hand wash making

industrial stirrer Liquid hand wash making is the variety of preservatives it requires.  Hanwash is a blend that is clear to use.  Handwash is the chemical that is need to make a product and it is blended with the necessary ingredients.  Using in the body, all the bacteria in your hand are destroy.  Therefore, this mixture is use in all …

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educational institutions in wayanad

educational institutions in wayanad are educational institutions in the district where we can get post-graduate education from primary education.  These are the institutions that help students in various fields such as Computer Education and Engineering.  We have listed about ten major institutions in it.  Whatever educational institutions you intend to pursue, please let us know in Wayanad. Government engineering college …

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Educational institutions in wayanad you want any jobs in wayanad click here If you want any machinery for industrial purpose click here wayanad is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala.  A lot has changed in Wayanad education and technology.  Kinfra Industrial Park is located in this district.  Similarly, there are various educational institutions in Wayanad.  There is a …

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Jobs in thrissur click here machinery for industrial purpose Engineering colleges in Trissur Sree Ernakulathappan College of Engineering and Management, Mupliyam -thrissur Government Engineering College, Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology, Kodakara, Axis College of Engineering and Technology, Thrissur MET’s School of Engineering, Mala Nehru College of Engineering and Research Centre Royal College of Engineering & Technology, Akkikkavu Thejus Engineering …

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Business consultant in kerala

Business consultant in kerala help to starting a business is a dream many people have.  But many people don’t know what they need to know when starting a business or howto start a business.  We can call a business consultant like who can explain such things to you.  There are people who think we can start a business if …

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small business in kerala

small business in kerala there are many initiatives in Kerala where we can start small investments with very little cost.  When we start such ventures, we should expect a small return.  Businesses with less investment and constraints have less revenue.  Vegetable production is a business that can start a cheap investor.  We can produce crops on our own leased land.  …

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business opportunities in kerala

business opportunities in kerala there is a lot of business Opportunity in Kerala.  There were many small and large sectors in Kerala.  One of my ideas when it comes to business is how to make a profit by buying and selling a product.  In doing so, we realize that each person is a business man. business opportunities in kerala smaller …

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