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manual Paper bag making business ideas

paper carry bag

manual Paper bag making business ideas provide the paper cover making tricks with help of small machinery . There are three machines come for manual production of paper carry bags that are given below. The paper bag manual making machines are help to produce 2000 – 3000 cover per day. Each bag get 3 – 5 Indian rupees for profit, …

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chalk making business ideas or plane

chalk making machine

The chalk making business ideas or plane will come different type and different process. All details are given below for beginners and start up process. In this article have incleded all the details about the start up for chalk making unit. price 50000 + gst +Training +one year warranty The chances of making chalk with the using of chalk making …

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Cattle feed making machine

Cattle feed business through cattle feed making machine is number one business ideas in kerala. In India or Kerala have so many farms for milk and meat. They are feeding cattle have much enough grass and feeds. We the vomy india gave consulting to start up for this kind of business. The cattle feed making machine are different from different …

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camphor making business in kerala

Camphor making business in kerala installation and application will provide our website.keep reading below mater. RS 85000 Business and marketing in camphor making we are using an automated machine to create camphor capsule, it is very easy for us to take production in different designs.camphor making business is simple and easy to make and market.¬† Many people are aware of …

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Cotton wast making business with machine

cotton wast making business ideas

Cotton wast making business with machine could apply any where in the home because its small and little usage of electricity. This machine also implement in side or out side of the home. Raw material are using Banyan cloth materials. cotton wast making machine Specialty of Cotton wast making machine The cotton wast usage is very huge day after day …

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copper removing machine from wire

copper removing machine from wire is a business could make huge profit. RS- 8800 specialty of the business The copper removing machine from wire Unit is a small business that can be started with very little investment.  If a particular feature is , it is not necessary to machine it manually.  Similarly, you don’t need to have a separate unit …

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Paper bag machine

Paper bag machine is use to produce paper carry bag. MRP -800000 Paper weight                   :               30-80 Gsm Bag length                       :               160-450mm Bag width                        :               70-450mm The width of paper roll:                260-720mm Machine power             :                   4 KW  Machine Weight           :               2500 Kg Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Search your dream job here Machinery for industrial production unit Paper bag …

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