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water treatment system or Water filtration plant

water treatment system

Water treatment system or water filtration plant are using for water purification in the mineral water business or beverage processing. The treatment system depends on the quality of water resource and the usage of water. Generally water treatment system including pre-treatment membranes technology and sterilization Technology. Pre-treatment system including multimedia filter,active carbon filter, softener,Iron-manganese,removal filter,ultra filtration,micro filtration etc. Membranes Technologies …

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Machinery for packaged drinking water plant

Machinery for bottle plant

Machinery for Machinery for packaged drinking water plant include pet bottle making machine,water treatment system,water filling machine, and sealing machine. Design and manufactures a full range packaging and beverage line. Provide custom solutions based on the philosophy high performance highly oil level symbol to use. Service and spare parts are available in every where. Water and oxygen are necessary for …

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plastic bucket making business production line in india

plastic bucket making machine

  Plastic bucket making business have a machine that injection molding machine is using for as the production of plastic bucket making business. The bucket usage is a growing sector all over the world. It consist bucket, cup, waste remover, electric plumbing fitters etc. They are the important product are making through injection molding machine. Marketing of product done by …

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Aluminium foil container business

aluminium foil container

Aluminium foil container business is one of profit making business in Kerala. Production is a medium scale business in India on the bases of investment. Aluminium is a non ferrous metal use numerously in packing industries. The containers kept food nicely and serves Hotly to the customers. India plays a vital role in production of aluminium foil container. But kerala …

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football turf ground making business idea

foot ball turf ground

Football turf ground making is a viable business in India especially kerala. Football is a worldwide arena played different parts of India. So football turf plays a vital role and good business in india. Football turf is popularize in schools, colleges and local football players etc. The most important merit of this business is no need of working capital like …

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Used pvc pipe machine for sale

used pvc pipe machine

Pvc pipe machine extrusion help to make pvc wiring pipe where to sell full unit including cooling tank,take up and cutter. It have two die sutable for 20 mm and 19 mm pvc conduit pipe. This machine production process through single screw 40 kg production capacity per hour. Electronic drive control help to control machine speed what we want to …

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Second hand fly ash bricks machine

fly ash machine

CLC and AAC block cutting machine using fly ash bricks machine for cutting blocks.In a time so many pieces or blocks will make at a single press is the merit of this machine.This blocks are using for fill in the beams and filler of the building. CLC blocks are made with a forms of chemical so it is weightless block, …

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Business start up in kerala

The first thing you need to do to business start up in kerala is must need a plan.  Below is a list of what to look for when planning.  The thing we need to plan is which product we should choose as a business and study its market.  If we plan then we need to plan where we can get …

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Black forest cake making business

Black forest cake We can start with all type cake with this machines and equipment .  No other equipment’s materials are required for that.  Only ingredients has to be changed. So we can use not only the Black Forest Cake but all the other models like White Forest. Ingredients for black forest cake Flour – 3/4 cup Sugar – 1 cup …

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