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Noodles making business plan

Noodles making business is the one of huge turnover business in the world . Noodles are one of the most popular snack food items in the world. In India also noodles are used as snack food by much number of people. The product making and processing unit can be established both in small scale and large scale. Noodles are available …

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Biofloc fish farming start up tips

Biofloc fish farming

This article extensively discuss about the business idea of biofloc fish farming Start up tips and its opportunities and benefits. In this article, we have included all the details about bio floc fishing and how to constitute biofloc fish farming in detail. Bootlick fish farms can be set up in a very small area by producing artificial bacteria. We can …

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Hollow bricks manufacturing business

hollow bricks

Hollow bricks are the bricks which manufactured in die after batching its raw materials like m-sand, baby metal and cement. The detailed project report of Hollow Bricks manufacturing business has explained in this article in detail. It has examined about its raw materials, machinery, profit and all other details relating with this business idea. Hollow bricks are mainly used to …

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Grease manufacturing business


Grease manufacturing business is good business in the world because the usages of grease is different area like machinery, vehicle etc. Here Grease is highly demanded and widely selling product in Kerala but it is mostly manufactured in other states. vehicle Grease Grease is a semi-solid lubricant which used to reduce the friction and temperature when moving two movable components. …

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M sand crusher business project

m sand crusher business project

M sand crusher have to produce manufactured sand from stone. This article is comprehensively analyzing the business ideas of M-Sand and P-Sand crusher. Manufactured Sand (M-Sand) are produced and artificially created by crushing rocks and quarry stones.. Two types of sands are produced in this way. They are Manufactured Sand (M-Sand) and Plastering Sand (P-Sand). In M-sand, there will be …

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Soil bricks manufacturing business

soil bricks

Soil bricks : In this article, we are discussing about the manufacturing of soil bricks. Soil bricks are manufacturing by mixing Clay, cement and chemical. Usually, it is making without the process of heating in furnace. Its main raw material is nothing but soil. So, the manufacturing of soil bricks is a unique business opportunity with huge profitability. soil bricks …

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