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Animation/graphics in Computer is a big part of the education section through our page call Animation and Graphics.  Video-making, from film-serial album songs to photo-making advertising, is an area of ​​education calle animation graphics.  With Graphics and Animation we mean to create whatever we have in mind. With a creative with the help of software.  Animated graphics are the best for people who can use this creativity on their own.

In this study, we have the possibility of bettering our future.  Animated graphics video is a professional area with many possibilities, both small and large.  Interior Designing Exterior designing is a very useful field for civil engineering as well as flux designing.  Cartoon Animation is one of the areas where most of the advertising design has started. The most popular watch on YouTube, which is call Cartoon .

For a student of animation, this study alone is enough to really save their future.  Because an area called animation graphics is an area that is no exception in today’s modern life.  In the 21st century, everything is online.  Social media methods such as online website Youtube and Facebook WhatsApp.  Likewise all business is now going online, for example amazone.  OLX Gold D and a lot of online sales market area India Mart.  The truth is that there are a lot of people working in the area of ​​graphic design as well.

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