Biofloc fish farming start up tips

This article extensively discuss about the business idea of biofloc fish farming Start up tips and its opportunities and benefits. In this article, we have included all the details about bio floc fishing and how to constitute biofloc fish farming in detail. Bootlick fish farms can be set up in a very small area by producing artificial bacteria.

We can produce and maintain more than 1200 fishes in a pond in the area of 0.5 cents. And no need to change the water regularly in the pond. By a systematic aeration process, we can produce large number of fishes through biofloc fishing.

Biofloc fish farming
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The artificial bacteria will eat the waste of fishes, ammonia, and the fishes will eat the bacteria as their food. Therefore, it is enough to give only 80% of foods for fishes by ourselves. And the remaining food will be produced in the pond in the form of bacteria.

Mainly, three kinds of profitability and opportunities and advantages are there in biofloc fishing. Firstly, it can be setup in a very small size of land. Secondly, no need to consume huge amount of water for this purpose. And lastly, it is enough to give 80% food for fishes by ourselves.

How to create pond for biofloc fish farming

In this section, we are analyzing how to construct a biofloc pond or tank. Usually this kind of ponds are constructing in various sizes like 3 diameters, 4 diameters and 5 diameters. Each diameters pond should have sufficient heights. If the pond is in 3 diameters, it should have the height of 1.8 meters.

Biofloc fish farming
Biofloc pond

If it is in 4 diameters, it should have 1.50 meter height. And for a 5 meter diameter pond, it is enough to have 1.20 meters of height. Approximately, 20,000 to 25,000 liters of water can be stored in these types of ponds. The frames of pond can be constructed by using GI pipes.

After constructing the frame, the inner part can be covered correctly by using GI sheets. By covering it with GI sheets, the plastic cover sheets used in the pond will last for long years without any damage. Usually, by using this kind of technique, we can produce and maintain fishes for 10 years in this sheet.

The area inside of the frame should be arranged neatly with plane shape. It is better to put concrete in the area inside of the frame. Otherwise, if there any sharp objects below the sheet, there is a chance for the leakage of water through the holes. To construct this kind of a pond, we have to spend around 45,000 rupees.

Merits of biofloc fish farming

Biofloc fish faming business have more merit than demerits . We provide all merits below .

  1. One of the main merits of this business is that one time investment is sufficient to run this kind of a business.
  2. The maintenance expenditures and other kinds of costs will not come to this investment activity.
  3. The invested amount can be recovered by the first time production.
  4. Government is providing 40% subsidies for men and 60% for women to establish this kind of a business activity.
  5. There will be a assured huge profitability and wide market for this business.
  6. No need to spend labour cost to run this activity.
  7. Besides these merits, we can establish this kind of a pond in very small area including the yard of home.

Biofloc fish treatment process

Biofloc fish treatment have take some step for good and hygiene for fishes. We provide all ideas about the fish treatment for biofloc fish farming.

Step 1

The fishes purchased from other farms or from government agencies should not directly put to the ponds. Before depositing fishes to the tank, we should check and correct the temperature of water in our pond. After mixing 2 gram potassium with 10 liters of water, the fishes have to dip in that water on 10 second.

These fishes have to dip again in the water mixed with salt without iodine. Like this, these fishes also have to dip in methylene blue mixed 10 liters water before depositing it in to our tank. All these three treatments should last for 10 seconds.

These activities are doing to treat the accidents and other problems happening to the fishes when we purchasing, carrying and moving the fishes from long distance areas. These treatments are mainly giving to overcome from fungal infection.

Step 2

The water should be arranged in 2 ppm ratio by adding 20 kg salt with 10,000 liters of water. We have to add dolomite to increase the pH value of water. Usually it has in the ratio of 1.5 kg dolomite to 10,000liters of water. After mixing the dolomite in some water, we have to apply its fresh and pure water in the pond water. Like this we have to do this aeration correctly for a day in pond continuously.

Step 3

Then we have to deposit probiotics bacteria into the pond. After this we have to add 1.5 kg jaggery into this pond. After keeping this water for 4 days, check the ammonia of the water. Then assuring that there is no ammonia in water, add 1.5 kg feed by mixing in water into the pond. By this activity we can create ammonia in water. By ensuring the pond is in zero ammonia content, we can assure the stability of pond.

Then only we have to add fishes to the pond. We have to check the ammonia and NO2 of the water every day and we should ensure the aeration for 24 hours in water. And we should also check the pH value of water once in a week. The quantity of nitrate can be cleared by aeration and the value of pH can be stabilizing by adding dolomite.

Suitable fish for biofloc farm

Some peculiar kinds of fishes are suitable to this type of a biofloc fish farming pond. Those types of fishes are explained in the following sentences. Mainly filter feeders fishes are only suitable to these ponds. The categories of tilapia fishes also can grow in this pond. Like this “Assam vaala” fish, carp fishes and anabas fishes also can grow in this tank.

Suitable fish for biofloc farm
Suitable fish for biofloc farm

We can also deposit vannamei or prawn fishes in this tank. But it will not be profitable to grow prawn fishes in this kind of a pond with the size of 5 diameters. Because, it is only possible to get around 40 kg outputs from this area. So the profitable kind fishes are tilapia, Assam vaala etc as we are mentioned above. As we all know, fishes are eating through its gills. Therefore, it can be eat bacteria also as its food. So, we need only to give considerably low amount of feed to the fishes.

How about the profit from biofloc fish farming business

This section explains the details of profitability of biofloc fish farming. We can grow around 1200 fishes in a single biofloc pond. The average price of a baby fish is 8 or 9 rupees. The government is providing subsidy for fish farming. Men farmers can avail the subsidy of 40% and women can avail the subsidy of 60% from the side of government. By considering this subsidy amount, the price of single baby fish will be 05.40 paisa.

Final output

The total cost for 1200 fishes will be Rs. 6480. We can harvest fishes after three months. Up to this period, we have to spend about 4000 rupees as cost of feeding fishes and other maintenance cost. So the total costs for this activity is 10480 rupees. We can harvest around 250 kg to 280 kg quantity of fishes from a single pond.

market prices of final product (fishes)

The price of 1 kg full growth sized fish is Rs. 250. We can harvest at least 250 kg quantity of fish from a pond. So, we can earn 62,500 rupees sales revenue from a single pond. By deducting the cost of 10480 rupees from this total revenue, we can estimate the total profit as Rs. 52,020. From this gross profit, we can deduct 15,000 rupees as salary, maintenance expenditure and other allowances. Therefore, the net profit from a single pond is 37,020 rupees.

If you have such type of 3 or 4 ponds, you can earn a huge profit in three months in accordance with our calculation. So, by first time harvesting, you can recover your invested amount completely. Then the all the further harvests will be your profit and you earn a reasonable amount profit from this biofloc fish farming business without taking much burden and efforts.

Legal procedure for start up

To get Central Government subsidy for this initiative, you have to apply in Block Panchayat. And you have to register in People’s Participatory Fish Farming Program. You should ensure that all the specifications and features of your pond and farming are in accordance with the instructions given by the Kerala Fisheries Department.

If you meet all those instructions, you can easily avail the subsidies and other benefits from government. The aim of government by this scheme is to increase the fish stock in the country. In addition to these facilities and registration, you should have necessary electrical connection and other basic infrastructure facilities in your farm.

To get proper training and other advises for this business activity, you can contact through this given address. If you prefer to buy baby fishes and arecanut plant, you can contact with this agency through the following address.

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