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Charcoal briquettes business project

Charcoal briquettes business project is a good project in small scale. There is no need to notify said usage. These are using as the charcoal briquettes required for BBQ products in all over the world. Therefore, there is a huge demand for these in countries in different parts of the world. Mainly in Arabian countries. Firewood is very scarce there. …

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Coconut charcoalsĀ making business plan

Coconut charcoalsĀ making business

Coconut charcoals making business plan is mainly used as raw material to make activated carbon. There are many factories around us that manufacture activated carbon. Each factory requires more than 300 ton per month. Here we are going to talk about how to make a Coconut charcoal factory. What facilities are required for that, what raw materials are required, etc. …

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Sports academy and coaching center business

sports academy

The Sports Academy and Coaching Center business is a business idea that can be started with a one-time investment. Working capital is a business idea that can be started at a low cost without great risk. Another feature is that the market can dig big profits without risk. When starting a sports academy you need to know more about it. …

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Business ideas in Dubai

latest business ideas in dubai

Business ideas in Dubai has a dream in many expats into successful entrepreneurs. The investor-friendly regime has ensured and secures in all emirates in UAE in the country are fertile for the growth and development of businesses. Consequently, Dubai witnesses one of the top business destinations around the globe . We introduce top 10 successful business ideas in Dubai, It …

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Plastic segregation and grinding business

Plastic segregation is the first step in recycling process. Plastic never dissolves in soil. Therefore, it does great harm to the environment. The plastic scrap business benefits in two ways, one economically and socially. Plastic segregation process is the first stage in plastic re processing business. There are many different types of plastic products and the job here is to …

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Steel doors and windows making business ideas

steel doors and windows

In this article, we are analyzing about Steel Doors and Windows manufacturing business. Traditionally we were mainly using wooden doors and windows. Due to non-availability of quality woods and lack of supply, its price has increased drastically. As a result of this issue, UPVC and steel door windows became popular in the construction of houses and big flats. The main …

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Wire nail making business

wire nail making business

Wire nail making business is profitable business in a small investment category. In this article, we are discussing about the business opportunities of wire nail manufacturing. Day by day, the usage of wire nails is drastically increasing in the world. Therefore, the business scope of nail manufacturing is also increasing day by day. Usually, wire nails are widely used for …

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Business ideas in India

business ideas in India

Business ideas in India can be broadly classified into four categories. Such as ideas related to agriculture, construction, trade and service sectors. As we all know India is most second largest populated country in the world. Therefore, India can be considered as second largest market in the world too. By this reason all most all companies in the world are …

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Noodles making business plan

Noodles making business is the one of huge turnover business in the world . Noodles are one of the most popular snack food items in the world. In India also noodles are used as snack food by much number of people. The product making and processing unit can be established both in small scale and large scale. Noodles are available …

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Biofloc fish farming start up tips

Biofloc fish farming

This article extensively discuss about the business idea of biofloc fish farming Start up tips and its opportunities and benefits. In this article, we have included all the details about bio floc fishing and how to constitute biofloc fish farming in detail. Bootlick fish farms can be set up in a very small area by producing artificial bacteria. We can …

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