Eranakulam education economy tourism

Eranakulam district education economy tourism are highly developed and largest finance flowing city in India. Ernakulam is a district in Kerala, known as the commercial capital of Kerala.  Most of the businesses and industries in Kerala are concentrated in this district.

  All major government offices were concentrated in this district, including the Major Railway Station, Seaport, and the military headquarters.  Ernakulam district is a major development. 

Ernakulam is a district which big corporates are keen to invest in.  The Cochin Port DP World Cochin and Cochin Shipyard is a hotbed of growth. 

Technology Park Infopark Kochi SmartCity are major business and technological development.  Here is a little island called Vaipin.

Eranakulam district education economy tourism

Educational institutions in eranam kulam

Economic structure in eranakulam

The largest business area or industrial developed area in kerala know as Kochi. Kochi known as financial capital city of kerala.

Kochi’s economy can be classified as a business economy with emphasis on service sector.

Major business areas include manufacturing, manufacturing, shipbuilding, transportation / shipping, marine resources and spice exports, chemical industries, information technology (IT), tourism and health services. , Banking

Major industries

  • chemical industries
  • shipping and construction
  • oil refining and oil production
  • information technology
  • electronic and automation
  • spices and sea food
  • machinery and technology
  • rubber development
  • government sector production
  • sea port
  • airport
  • corporate market

Tourism in Eranakulam

With the Arabian Sea on one side and Thrissur, Alappuzha and Kottayam on the other, it is one of the most commercially prosperous cities in Kerala.

This is because there are many international and domestic tourists. It is the main business hub in Kerala with the highest revenue earning capacity in the state.

Major spot

  • marine drive in kochi
  • vipin island
  • Lulu hyper market
  • metro railway
  • Pallipuram fort
  • Folklore Museum
  • Indian Naval Maritime Museum 

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