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Kasargod is a district with a high potential for employment in various sectors.  Many hospitals, schools and businesses are located here.  Therefore, there is a huge scope of employment in the field of Sales Accounts, Managing Doctor Engineers and others.  Find your people through this website for job seekers and people who want to find a job.  That’s all you need to do.  Open our Job Opportunity Design Kasaragod by clicking on our link.  If you are looking for a job, fill in the form below and submit it.  Similarly, if you are in need of employees, click on our link called Job Offer and fill in their requirements.  Our website called vomyIndia is fully supported by you.

Educational center in kasargode

Central Plantation Crops Research Institute
Malik Deenar Institute of Management Studies
Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Engineering, Kasaragod
Government College, Kasaragod
College of Engineering Trikaripur
Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod

Kasargode, the northernmost district of Kerala is of historical and archaeological interest to many.  Near is a district in the state of Karnataka.  The type of farming is different depending on their soil.  The people here mainly work in agriculture.  Rubber is cultivated here.  The district has a large potential of industrial establishments.  There is no major industry in the euro district.  But there are a lot of small businesses here.  Fishing also takes place in the district without much trouble.  The district is around 80 km long.  The Central Plantation Crops Research Institute is located here to increase the vegetable production.

  Bekal Fort is a major tourist attraction.  History has it that Kasargod was an important center of Arab states.  The Kottencherry Hills Kanchenjunga River, Kottapuram Kumbala and many more beautiful places to visit.  Kasargode, the district headquarters of Kasargode district, is home to seven different languages.  As the state is in the top spot in education, Kasargod is not lagging behind in education.  Many educational institutions are located in the district.


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