Kottayam district

Jobs in kottayam district

Machinery for industrial purpose

Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam.
Indian Institute of Mass Communication Kottayam.
Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam.

Medical colleges

Government Medical College Kottayam Gandhinagar.
Government Dental College Kottayam(Gandhinagar.)

Engineering colleges

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam (Government Engineering College) Pampady .

College of Engineering Kidangoor
Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam.

Arts and science colleges

Government College Kottayam.
C.M.S. College (1817).
Baselius College.
B.C.M College Kottayam.
KG College Pampady.
Kuriakose Elias College Mannanam.
Theophilus College of Nursing Kangazha (private sector).
Mar Thoma Seminary Higher Secondary School Zion Hill Kottayam.
Kottayam Technical Higher Secondary School and College of Applied. Science IHRD Puthuppally.
St Joseph College of Communication.

St. Xavier’s College Vaikom.
Baker Women’s College Kottayam.
Bishop Kurialacherry College Amalagiri.
S.N. College Kumarakom.
St. Mary’s College Manarcad.
Ettumanoorappan College Ettumanoor.
St. Thomas College Pala.
Alphonsa College Pala.
Sree Sabareesa College Mundakayam.
St. Dominics College Kanjirappally.
St. George College Aruvithura.
MES College Erattupetta.
S.B. College Changanasserry.
NSS College Changanasserry.
St. Stephen’s College Uzhavoor.
P. G. R. Memorial S N Arts and Science College Channanikkadu
Gurudeva Institute of Science and Technology Puthuppally
B.K. College Amalagiri.
S.V.R.N.S.S. College (Kodungoor) Vazhoor
PGM College Devagir Kangazha.
PRDS College of Arts and Sciences Changanassery
Devamatha College Kuravilangad.
College Of Applied Science Payyappady Puthuppally
Shermount College of Arts and Commerce Erumely..
MES College Erumely.
Labour India College Marangaattupally.
Bishop Speechly college Pallom.


Kottayam district located in the southern state of Kerala, India.  During the British rule, many missionaries, churches and educational institutions were built here.  The economy is mostly concentrat in agriculture, where the main item is rubber industries.  The Government of Kerala has created a Rubber Board here.  Its main objective is to increase rubber production and its growth.  Similarly, Kottayam is also a major producer of spices. o

Tourist areas are concentrat in the mountains.  Many parts of Kottayam district has become the location of many films.  There are many things like fishing and toddy tapping to create a tourist attraction.  The main culture here is Christian Culture.  Christianity missionaries were active in many parts of the district during the arrival of European Saint.  Therefore, Christian culture is see in the Kottayam district.  Districts also have another nickname, Chuvar chithra nagary.  The district have infrastructure all the amenities that the basic railway taxi waterways have started.

Education in kottayam

Kottayam District is the first district in Kerala to get 100% liter of litter.  Hence the district is known as ‘Akshanagari’.  English education began with the presence of Christian missionaries here during the European Cint.  They built many schools for their conversion.  So the people who are there are very high standards of education.  There are 478 Lower Primary Schools in Kottayam District.  Similarly, there are 208 upper primary schools and 258 high schools.  Now there are 24 Arts and Science Colleges, 4 Teachers Training Colleges, 3 Co-operative Colleges and seven Training Colleges.  Similarly, the Industrial Training Institute of Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges and Educational Facilities are accessible to all classes of people.

Economy in kottayam

The main source of income for Kottayam district is agriculture.  The industrial units here are based on agriculture.  Rubber is the main source of income in agriculture.  In which district is the Kerala Rubber Board located?  As a result, Kottayam is a district with much skill in the area of ​​rubber.  Rubber band Rubber Balloon Rubber condom The rubber band here is the manufacturer of all rubber related products.  Most are tire sheet companies.  It also produces spices like cardamom and pepper rice.  Tea and coffee are also cultivated here.  Because of its high education, the quality of life here is very high.

Tourism in kottayam

Tourist places in and around Kottayam  Kottayam is a great place for people who want to enjoy the beauty of nature.  Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is one of the famous names of the sanctuary.  Tourist places in and around Vagamon Vembanad.  The main source of income is agriculture and rubber.  Rubber is a good place to start researching.  Lakes, boats and mountains are a beautiful place to be.  Similarly, Kottayam Pala is a beautiful place with lots of fame. 

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