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Machinery for industrial purpose

Medical colleges

Kozhikode Medical College
Government Homoeopathic Medical College Kozhikode
KMCT Medical College
Malabal Medical College

Engineering colleges

National Institute of Technology Calicut
Government Engineering College Kozhikode
Co-operative Institute of Technology Vatakara
AWH Engineering College
KMCT College of Engineering
M Dasan Institute Of Technology Ulliyeri
College of Applied Science Thamarassery
College of Applied Science Nadapuram

Law colleges

Government Law College – Kozhikode
Markaz Law College

Kozhikode is the second largest city in the state of Kerala.  It was a center of trade in the British period.  Cargoes from different parts of the country are coming the city at early period.  There were people in Kozhikode who used to collect goods from various fields.  So when it came to modern day, Calicut became a big city.  There has the normal climate of Kerala.  The economy of Kozhikode is mostly in the area of ​​trade and construction.  Only a handful of people work related to agriculture.  Various types of trades were based in Kozhikode city.  A visit to Kozhikode beach is an attraction for tourists.  Chaliam Beypore is a fishing harbor as well.  Either way, there are massive trading moves.


The education sector has boomed and it is time that the whole of Kerala has happened.  As a result, all the districts in Kerala have grown together.  The district is not far behind.  There are 4 medical colleges in Kozhikode, 8 engineering colleges and two law colleges.  It is a district with many schools and higher secondary schools as well as colleges.  So the job here is to have all the coolest things.  The district, with its potential for employment in many sectors, will also thrive in terms of education. 

LP UP Schools, Higher Secondary Schools, Colleges and Similar Institutions in the district where education is the basic infrastructure.  Therefore, students do not have to travel to other districts.  Many people from outside the district come here for education.  Calicut is also leading in the field of Software Technology and Web Designing Development.

Economy in kozhikkod

The massive boom in the building sector has led to a huge economic boom.  This has completely changed the financial situation of the place.  The construction of large shopping malls, apartments, construction of cyberpark and water supply has stimulated Kozhikode’s economy.  The major part of Kozhikode is the urban growth of the region because of the urban area.  People are in business across different sectors. 

The Concession Photo is not far behind, and the construction industry is far ahead.  Various accessories are being made in the district.  Industrial estates are located in different parts of Kozhikode district.  What kind of estates these government support large-scale benefits.  Therefore, industrial centers exist in such areas.  People will also invest in real estate and vehicle sales.  Kozhikode district has a wide variety of trading areas.  Kozhikode District is a step ahead in terms of infrastructure.


Beaches and sea ports are counted mainly in Calicut tourist destinations.  Calicut Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the beach as well as a good spot for the Kadalundi Birds sanctuary.  Beypore Beach has a lot to offer.  Beypore Chaliyam is a beach which is a mix of both.  There is a passages for about two kilometers inside the beach.  Fishing is a specialty here.  Beypore is the place where all the cargo ships come.  Thusharagiri waterfalls were found in Kozhikode district.  The Thikkodi Lighthouse is also located here.  This is mainly for determining the infant’s ship ways.  The Kakkayam Dam is in the same district.  The Mananchira Park is a very natural park situated in the town of Kozhikode.  The district has a lot of natural spots like Kozhipara Waterfall and Pullurampara.

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