manual Paper bag making business ideas

manual Paper bag making business ideas provide the paper cover making tricks with help of small machinery . There are three machines come for manual production of paper carry bags that are given below. The paper bag manual making machines are help to produce 2000 – 3000 cover per day. Each bag get 3 – 5 Indian rupees for profit,

Machinery for manual Paper bag making business ideas.

Machinery for manual Paper bag making business ideas are available in all states in India including kerala. Because this machinery have only small technology and power consumption. The details about the manual paper bag making machines are given below. We also give the contact number and address for machinery purchase.

manual Paper bag making business ideas
Paper carry bag

creasing machine for paper bag production

The creasing machine for paper bag production is use for the purpose of folding paper insides and taking them nicely.  We get the product at the same level by correcting it with use.  Therefore, paper can be made ready for making the bag.

paper bag manual machine

Eyelet machine for paper bag production

This is the eyelet machine for paper bag production used to drill holes in the bag hand each side equaly.  Using this machine, the conductor can get the same size hole through two parts at the same time.  Once the holes are clean, they will look good.  This makes it easier to do and faster to get to the product.

Border cutting machine for paper bag

This is the border cutting machine a topic that helps you make paper bags of any kind.  The bag is ready for size and things, and the machine was use for that.  Therefore, it is possible to make a bag of current size.

Contact for machinery

look solution

Click here for fully automatic machinery

Upgraded machine for manual paper bag making business

Paper bag manual making machine in upgraded means its working with the help of electrical connection. It means we can easily operate and get huge output with the same time.

Gluing machine for paper bag
Total 300000 + GST + Transporting and free training

Materials for manual Paper bag making business ideas

The Materials for manual Paper bag making business ideas using different color and gsm as its quality. The Paper carry cover making material need for high quality and the normal product need small gsm.

  • The material used to make paper carry bags is paper from 100 GSM to 400 GSM . 
  • It is based on kilos.  Papers ranging from Rs 26 to RS 50.  That’s up to the rate difference based on the paper’s bf. 
  • All of its materials are very accessible.  What kind of materials do we have.  Automating machine use by doing the feeding as easy to print.
  •   Photos by design are all printed on top of the paper.  Screen printing can be used for that.  Or, when we bought the paper, our custom designs were printed on top of the paper.
  • There are ropes used to handcuff it.  It costs around Rs. 80 per kg.  The ropes of different quality and different design are available in the market. 
  • Gum is the material need to use a machine later.  You can get a variety of gum.  60 per kg. 
  • Highlight buttons are another material.  It comes with a pay rate of 60 paise.  Taken together, a bag is made.

For material contact

Vasantham paper material
Eranamkulam, Kerala India
PH : 0484 2364337

Investment for manual Paper bag making business ideas

The major Investment for manual Paper bag making business are building investment,machinery investment and electrical investment. The detailed investment report are defined below.

Building investment for manual paper bag

In the paper bag manual making has not need building if you have enough area in your home. Otherwise make five hundred squire feet building for this business. So the building investment needed 125000 on the bases of construction.

  • Five hundred square feet of area is enough to launch such a unit.
  •   It is no need for take licensed under the Government of Kerala Government Act.
  •   If you have three employees, you can make 3,000 paper bags a day.
  •   A final product can fetch a profit of two to three rupees.  The price of each cover is determine by the quality of the paper and the size of the cover.
  •   Printed bags cost more.  Paper cover making is a small business that can make big profits if marketed well.

Machinery investment for paper bag production unit

The machinery investment for paper bag manufacturing business is the based on machinery. The standard price starting from 75000 – 350000 Indian rupee. This price is on the bases of quality of the machine.

Marketing tips for paper bag

  • The paper carrier cover market is likely to grow because of the ban on plastic by the Government of Kerala.  Everyone knows that plastic table mimes use and throw products use plastic because environmental pollution is on the rise. 
  • Therefore, the government decided to reduce the use of plastics as the toxic waste is not dump into the atmosphere.  One of the most used discard items is the plastic cover.  Plastic is banned in many panchayats. 
  • Therefore, the meeting is likely to increase.  Branded paper bags can be find in shopping malls, highlight malls, and even in supermarkets. 
  • Many shops sell the product prices for a fixed price.  This means that when they sell their product, they want a cover with it and are denied the price. 
  • Therefore, the use of paper covers will increase and thereby bring about major changes in the country.  By getting the name of any shop or any company printed on their brand and getting that cover, they get an additional ad. 
  • By doing so, we can quickly increase the market value of our product.  Another method is to have a production capacity manual machine that can be confine to names around us.  So we can make our sales centered around the surrounding market.

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