plastic bucket making business production line in india


Plastic bucket making business have a machine that injection molding machine is using for as the production of plastic bucket making business. The bucket usage is a growing sector all over the world.

It consist bucket, cup, waste remover, electric plumbing fitters etc. They are the important product are making through injection molding machine.

Marketing of product done by desirable agencies. Plastic bucket making business available in market. Includes many companies like thoshiba, vinser,according to the diameter of screw machines are selected.

plastic bucket making business
injection molding machine

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Injection molding machine for plastic production

Injection molding machine for plastic production is a production method using as machine . The plastic bucket are commonly used in house holds and other packing process like pint,oil,grees etc. Bucket production business raised by it’s characteristics.

It includes lightness, easy in handling, safety in use, resistance to boiling water and chemicals. And color variability to match our environment and economic value. Bucket are used in households for bathing,safety storage of eatable items.

Commercially bucket used in transportation and packaging. Plastic bucket making machine commonly known as injection molding machine

Contact for Injunction molding machine

Injection Molding Division
Windsor Machines Limited
5403, Phase IV, GIDC, Vatva,
Ahmedabad – 382 445, Gujarat, (INDIA)
email :
Ph: +91–2764–307100

Investment for plastic bucket making unit

The Investment for plastic bucket making unit is larger than other small scale industry. Because the machinery investment and building investment. The investment on the bases of your project strength. Average investment we calculated below.

Machinery investment – 2500000 RS
Building Investment – 450000 RS
Electrical investment – 250000 RS
Paper and other investment – 150000 RS
Total Investment – 3350000 RS

Machinery investment

The major investment of plastic bucket making unit is the machinery. So the machinery investment on the bases of your product size and production capacity. But the machinery size or the barrel size will determined the production capacity.

The size of the product and number of each gravity will be determined the mold price. The minimum investment of the machinery will be 20-25 lakh Indian rupees. So the machinery investment on the bases of your production capacity.

Building investment

Make the building construction for plastic injunction molding machine on 15 meter length and 10 meter width. So construct with gi sheet for side covering and roofing. It will help to reduce the building investment.

May be 250 Indian rupee will be came to the cost of one squire feet. So 1800 *250 = 450000 Indian rupee will be the investment for the construction of building.

Electrical connection and work

Another important investment is electrical connection and work for the plant of plastic bucket making. Three starter and three phase connection must to be construct for plastic injunction molding machine. So the allocation of power is important. May be the have not available allocation you should take a separate transformer for your plant.

Then the investment of electrical connection is on the bases of allocation of KSEB or Electrical board. Minimum we calculate 250000 Indian rupees with out transformer.

License procedure for bucket manufacturing unit in India

The major license procedure for bucket manufacturing unit in India are given below .

  • Partnership or proprietor ship license from panjayath or municipality
  • Pollution control board NOC
  • Health department declaration
  • Fire and safety NOC
  • PAN card and digital sign for GST
  • Bank account
  • GST for sales and purchase

Care to purchase plastic bucket making machine

  1. Fully computerized high tech machines are used in production of bucket. This technology results good quality of production and high production capacity. Computerized technology has no dilemma in production.
  2. confirm your Materials required for the bucket production are resins, plastic chemicals, plastic granules. It is one of the important mater befor purchasing a injection molding machine for bucket making .
  3. make sure about the production capacity before purchase. It include the size of product and number of production per a day etc. Mainly concentrate the production capacity of the machine for bucket making.
  4. choose good or well known company for your production unit. Because the injection molding machine or bucket making machine available in different company’s it has good, medium and law quality are.
  5. select your product for molding before taking a machine. Its help for making a good and easy market through designing and style of your product.

Market demand of plastic bucket making business

  • Market demand of plastic bucket making business  is very huge in all country in the world unfortunately all countries have the production unit. So competition in the market make quality of the product.
  • Marketing of product done by desirable agencies. machines available in market includes thoshiba, vinser,according to the diameter of screw machines are selected.
  • Bucket are used in households for bathing,safety storage of eatable items. Commercialy bucket used in transportation and packaging.
  • The utilization of bucket in different areal like packing process, Homely usages and other business purpose. So determined and study about the product for making is important.
  • Basic degree or an engineering in plastic or a diploma is important for a promoter and an experience of 2or3years in plastic industry is necessary in marketing.
  • Set up a trad mark or brand name for identify your product and its quality for consumers. Its help to identify your product quality and value for customer and marketing. Punch this name on your product is small advertising tips.
  • Advertisement through paper add and other media are help to catch market very easily and fastball in wide area. It could help to increase your market demand for plastic bucket.

Tips for marketing your product

  1. Trad mark.
  2. Brand name
  3. Quality of the product
  4. staff selection for marketing
  5. price of the product
  6. Advertisement

Marketable ranges from 13.5-25litres capacity. 21litre capacity is popular range of production in market.

Start up process for plastic bucket making unit

To start up process of plastic bucket making machine for set up production line or a unit of production many things are required. They are given below.

  1. a plot of minimum 15 cent need for building construction or rental building.
  2. Three phase electrical connection need for machine application,and three phase electrical wiring and base set up.
  3. Fire and safety, pollution control, and health department NOC need for Panchayath license.
  4. udhyogadar need for small scale industrial license from the government.
  5. labor certificate need for safety of our labor.

production process

Marketing demand of buckets in India projected to be 2400 kilo tones. It is a movable product envisaged on an average of 11-12%.Processing done in several steps.

1-feeding raw materials to machines. Ram type or screw type machines are used in production of buckets. Hopper helps in feeding purpose.

2-heating of barrel. This process melt the material and injected to moulds for the movements of screws. Molten material is freezes at low temperature and water passage cools the mold cavity.

3- Pressure of screw held for some time. This retracts the screw rotation.

4-extraction of molding item’s automatically. Process comprises injection, holding injection pressure, cooling, idle time for completed extraction.

Plastic bucket making machine is use for bucket production line. It include many materials and sizes. Plastic molding process applied for the production.

So injection molding machine are using for production line. It needed three phase electrical connection. In this production unit have to set up investment comes from 35 lakh and above. We the will provide all consulting about the plastic bucket making machine installation.

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